How to Turn on Flash on a Canon Camera? [Complete Guide]

Arif H Fahim

If you are a photographer or a camera enthusiast, then you probably used and looked out for tons of cameras, right?

The Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, and Canon are the hot ones when it comes to better camera quality. Most of the time people just stick with one camera brand. Over the few years, Canon cameras are ruling over the market and most people are willing to buy them.

The professionals know every functionality of a camera, but the newbies, often don’t even know how to turn on flash on a Canon camera.

Although it’s a pretty easy job, still we can’t blame them for being ignorant in this matter. Soon enough they will know how to turn on the flash by sticking with us till the very end.

How to turn on flash on a Canon camera

A Canon camera functionality and buttons

Most Canon’s camera functionality and buttons are the same for every Canon camera. We are taking a Canon Rebel T6 camera for demonstrating the functionality of all Canon cameras.

Firstly, we got the lens mount and lens mount index, lens release, lens contracts, and mirror for the lens department.

Then, we got the flash department where you can see the flash button, shutter button, and pop-up flash.

And the other things are the depth of field preview button, grip, and the remote control sensor.

If you need any more help regarding how to use the functions other than turning on the flash, you can visit Canon’s official help center.

How to turn on flash on a Canon camera

Turning on the flash on a DSLR camera is basic knowledge for photographers. The beginners had to learn all the basics while they are on to learning how to use a DSLR camera.

All the DSLR cameras function the same as others. Turning on the flash is no different from it. So, Let’s see how can we turn on the flash on a Canon camera. But wait, we should model a camera to demonstrate the procedure. For that, we will be seeing how to turn on flash on Canon Rebel T6.

Look there are two ways of opening a flash in DSLR cameras. The first one we will be talking about would be the auto flash. The Canon rebel has a dial where you can set your camera flash to auto. Now, how can you open up the flash?

1. Press the pop-up flash button on Auto mode

There’s a pop-up flash button on the right side of your camera. You can only use this button when you are on auto mode. Press the pop-up flash button and your flash will open up. Then, you can get flashes whenever you take a picture.

2. Press the flash button on Manual mode

Alright, the other way of opening a flash in Canon Rebel T6 is the manual method. For that, take the dial to manual option and it will be set to manual mode. Now, you have a flash button right next to your flash on the left side. Click on that button and your flash will open up.

Remember, this button will only work when you are in manual mode. In conclusion, the pop-up flash button is for the auto mode and the flash button is for the manual mode. That’s exactly how you can turn on flash on a Canon Camera.

How to turn off flash on a Canon camera

Assuming you have read the upper section and now know how to turn on the flash, we will be teaching you how to turn off the flash of a DSLR camera.

You don’t need a flash for taking every picture. Sometimes, you just need the original photo. But once you turned on the flash, you don’t know how to turn it off. Believe us, it would be a hassle if you can’t turn off the flash more than not knowing how to turn it on.

Earlier we were talking about the Canon Rebel T6. Cameras like Canon Rebel T6 and T7 already have a built-in flash and an off flash mode. But how do you activate the off flash mode?

It’s simple, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to turn off the flash on a DSLR camera. Although it’s not the same with the turning on the procedure.

1. Menu

Firstly, you have to click on the menu button right above your display.

2. Flash Control

Scroll down until you find the “Flash Control” option.

3. Flash Firing Option

Now press on the option and press set to get into the “Flash Firing Option”.

4. Disable

Press on it and press “Disable”.

Now, many beginners get confused about the manual flash and auto flash. They know how to turn off the manual flash but don’t know how to turn off the auto flash on a Canon camera. To be honest, the way of turning off both of the flashes is the same.

Once you turn on either of the flashes, you can turn it off by the same procedure we’ve shown you earlier.


We are sure of it that now you definitely know how to turn on the flash on a Canon camera.

We told you earlier that it’s not that difficult to learn and it’s pretty basic knowledge for beginners. We hope we are going to see you capturing beautiful pictures with your Canon camera.

Arif H Fahim

I, Arif H Fahim is a proud camera enthusiast, come with CameraGuider. Here, I write detailed reviews about different camera gears including cameras, lenses, flashes, and tripods.